erectile dysfunction (ED) or sexual impotence has become a very popular incident during sex. many men have faced occasional problems in keeping erection long enough to have sexual intercourse, especially when they are under a lot of stress or tired. so, this condition isn’t that uncommon and is not considered a serious issue most of the time.

Viagra or anafranil to solve the problem of erectile dysfunction?

Each drug is under a different category, and has its own mechanism of treatment, which is completely different from each other. To answer this question, you have to know some things first.


Viagra: first treatment for erectile dysfunction 

Viagra or sildenafil is a very effective drug in treatment of impotence in men having erection problems. It works as a  vasodilator to relax certain blood vessels in the body and relieve tension.

It is also used by its brand name Revatio, to treat pulmonary arterial hypertension and improve exercise capacity in men and women. but its role in sexual behavior in women isn’t definite yet.

Is viagra safe to use? and should I consult a doctor about it?

Yes. viagra is considered relatively safe, and there are some brands of it that are sold as an over-the-counter drug (OTC). but it is always better to consult a doctor about using it in order to avoid contraindications and side effects.

?How long does viagra take to last


viagra is a short-acting drug, as it takes about 30 min to 1 hour to kick in and its effect lasts for about 4 hours in the body.

Possible side effects for Viagra include:

  • flushing (warmth, redness, or numbness).
  • headache or dizziness.
  • abnormal vision (blurred vision, changes in color vision).
  • runny or stuffy nose.
  • sleep problems (insomnia).
  • muscle or back pain.
  • abdominal pain.

These symptoms are usually not harmful and subside rapidly. but you should contact the emergency doctor if you had:

– heart pain 

– suffered from prolonged erection (more than 4 hours) immediately.

– had shortness of breath.

– swelling in an ankle or one of your limbs.

– ringing in your ears.

– irregular heart rhythm.

Precautions before use

viagra should not be taken if you:

1- Allergic to sildenafil or other components in viagra.

2- taking nitrate medicine like nitroglycerin or isosorbide dinitrate as these medicines are vasodilators too, and cause severe hypotension if they were taken with viagra.

3- do not take viagra if you have low blood pressure or taking any other drug for erectile dysfunction.

4- do not drink alcohol while taking viagra medication.

5- viagra is only allowed for people who are more than 18 years old.


the complete misunderstanding of anafranil in Sex 

Anafranil is a tricyclic antidepressant used mainly in treating obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). It stops the repetitive thoughts and behaviors of the patient and reduces tension.

Does anafranil have a sexual effect in treating erectile dysfunction?

Not at all. Several published studies have shown that Anafranil has no effect in treating erectile dysfunction or sexual impotence. as a matter of fact, clomipramine or Anafranil has no effect on healthy males or those who have sexual impotence by any means.

You must be wondering now, if this was the situation, how this big misunderstanding has developed among people about this drug?

Anafranil s’ use in sex 

Yeah, it is right that Anfranil has no therapeutic effect on sexual impotence. but on the other hand, Anfranil has a marked role in treating primary premature ejaculation.

A study was made on twenty-three premature ejaculators (PEs) and 11 control (healthy) subjects. They were administered 25 mg of clomipramine in a double-blind crossover design study.

after 2 weeks of trial and patient taking the Anafranil 4-6 hours before sexual activity, results showed improvement. as the average increase in orgasmic latency during intercourse was from less than 1 minute to more than 3.5 minutes.

In another study, cloimpraine has shown to siginificly increase the latency of coitus or masturbation from approximately 2-8 minutes in men with primary premature ejaculation. 

Side effects of Anafranil

  • feeling dizzy, drowsy, tired, or stressed.
  • tremors, jerking or uncoordinated muscle movements.

mild common side effects:

  • excessive sweat production.
  • alteration in appetite or weight.
  • urination problems.
  • vision problems.
  • decreased sex drive, impotence, or difficulty having an orgasm.

Serious side effects includes:

seek a doctor immediately if you:

– felt panicked

– suffered from skin rashes,

– had severe headache,

– lost  coordination,

– had skin rashes,

– faced vomiting or severe diarrhea,

– felt agitated or iiratable,

– had a seizure or fast heart rate.

you should also seek your physician if you suffered from other unusual side effects.

Precautions before use 

you should not take anafranil if you:

1- allergic to clomipramine or any other component in anafranil.

2- had used any MAO inhibitor in 14 days, for example, linezolid, methylene blue, isocarboxazid  or tranylcypromine.

3- had suffered from a heart attack recently.

4- This drug is an antidepressant, just like any other drug from this category, it may cause suicidal thoughts in young people at first, which u shloud consult your doctor about if u had any.

5- you must stop alcohol during drug use.


Main differences between both drugs viagra and anafranil

Besides that anafranil is used for OCD mainly or premature ejaculation, and not for erectile dysfunction like viagra. 

anfranil has proved to increase satisfaction during sex in some cases unlike viagra which works on the functional part of intercourse and has no psycological effect, except that it may make you feel more confident in bed.


Which one should we use for erectile dysfunction eventually, anafranil or viagra?

I think you have already figured out that question on your own. Viagra ofcourse is the safest and the right decision when it comes to erectile dysfunction.

Anafranil isn’t used in Sex, except only in a few cases where you suffer from premature ejaculation (masturbation), and it is definitely not used for erectile dysfunction by any means.

Finally, remember to always seek your physician about the best dose and medication for you and avoid taking medication blindly.

written by: D.ghadah algohary